Our Work


Royal vision Interior Design & Architects specializes in residential, commercial, and interior design with a new innovative approach to mass and space shaping that combines art and aesthetics with design and structure science. From creativity to analysis, conceptual direction to implementation Royal vision offers a completely new style focused on meeting its clients’ needs while using cutting edge technology which craftily blends shapes and volumes. Cognizant that architecture and design go beyond the day-to-day functionalities and take on a new aesthetical dimension that promotes people’s pleasure and comfort, royalvision design thoroughly researches and analyzes its client’s needs and requirements presenting them with the latest out-of-the-box trends, original designs, and inspirational consultancy turning their visions into reality with unrivaled tailor-made services


our vision

In order to meet the needs of its clients, Jida offers a wide range of targeted services customized to their needs and requirements introducing a new Event Design branch. Whether you’re looking for a modern style or want to revisit traditional classics,ROYALVISION DESIGN puts at your service a distinctive professional know-how with the right tools and resources guaranteed to achieve your aspirations and concretize your vision down to the last detail


our mission

Long experience and ambitlon to development in the space design and land scape and ivnterior architecture with details, Jida‘s strategy is built on exploring new horizons and different cultures in order to provide its clients with international standard services. Jida aims to incorporate International standards and multi-cultural aspects to Interior Decoration Business and Event Design throughout the Saudi Marke


Advance Costing

Aware of the needs of the customer royal vision provides its clients with a detailed cost. study including various price combinations to fit all budgets. this flexible prices enable our clients to manage their budgets.


Team Work

The team has a highly competitive, It provides consulting service in coordination with excellent team of various architects , interior design engineers , and consultans to see all your projects on the ground.


Our Servise

From creativity to analysis, conceptual direction to implementation, Royal Vision Design offers a completely new approach that focuses on meeting the needs of its customers while using the latest technology that blends modern forms with the right value.



All materials used by royal vision order to ensure the maximum functionality, All colors, materials and finishes are carefully selected to reflect the spirit and essence of our designs and concepts.